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How Do You Know by Meredith Schorr

Title: How Do You Know
Author: Meredith Schorr

Publisher: Booktrope Editions

Published Date: November 18, 2014
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What if you were approaching the end of your thirties and all of the life milestones you took for granted in your youth suddenly seemed out of reach? On the eve of her thirty-ninth birthday, Maggie Piper doesn't look, act, or feel much different than she did at twenty-nine, but with her fortieth birthday speeding toward her like a freight train, she wonders if she should. The fear of a slowing metabolism, wrinkling of her skin, and the ticking of her biological clock leaves Maggie torn between a desire to settle down like most of her similarly aged peers and concern that all is not perfect in her existing relationship. When a spontaneous request for a temporary "break" from her live-in boyfriend results in a "break-up," Maggie finds herself single once again and only twelve months from the big 4.0. In the profound yet bumpy year that follows, Maggie will learn, sometimes painfully, that life doesn't always happen on a schedule, there are no deadlines in love, and age really is just a number. Meredith Schorr, best-selling author of light women's fiction, digs deep in her newest novel and raises the age old issue of the 'proverbial clock' that haunts many women, in a way that is refreshing and sassy no matter your age or relationship status.

My Thoughts:

In Meredith Schorr's How Do You Know (Seeking Happily Ever After), Maggie is a 39 year old woman in a perfect relationship. To the outside world everything in her life is right on track. She has the perfect guy, perfect job, perfect group of friends, and all around perfect life. However, Maggie doesn't feel perfect. She feels unsettled and is afraid a spark is missing in her life.  Does she want kids?  Is she getting too old to have kids?  What if she decides she wants kids in 5 years and it is too late?  Maggie is also terrified of turning 40. She thinks it will all be downhill from there: weight gain, no more firm body, etc. What is troubling her even more is her uneventful relationship with Doug. They have dated for 3 years and love each other. They never fight or have up's and down's. However, Maggie is afraid that there might be something missing. What if there is someone else out there for her? Are things too smooth between her and Doug?  Why isn't she ready to commit fully to him?  All of these questions are swirling in and out of her head as she turns 39.

What starts as a romantic birthday dinner ends with Maggie asking Doug for a short break and him breaking things off entirely. While sad about her relationship ending, Maggie decides she has one year before she turns 40 to get her life together and discover what it is she has been missing. She quickly falls into an office romance with an older man. However, things do not go as she hopes and she soon finds herself back on the market as the clock to turning 40 quickly ticks. 

Maggie realizes as time goes on that younger men want relationships with women in their 20's; men in their 40's are searching for women in their 20's to mid 30's; and finally men in their 50's will date women in their 40's. Sadly, the men in their 50's are most likely divorced with children and not wanting to start a new family. Maggie feels pressure from herself and her family to have kids and knowing she is almost 40 and not in a relationship starts to frighten her.  Did she take Doug for granted all along? 

How Do You Know (Seeking Happily Ever After) is a laugh out loud funny Chick Lit novel that has readers following Maggie through the last year in her 30's and into the first year of her 40's as she discovers who she is and what she really wants. We see her bond with her girlfriends, grow closer to her mother, and see herself in a new light. Meredith Schorr wrote a fast paced novel that is sure to leave fans of Chick Lit happy! How Do You Know is definitely a book that I recommend!
Meredith Schorr

*I have been provided a complimentary copy of the book, How Do You Know, for the purpose of review.*

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