Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NightShade by Andrea Cremer

Well ready or not, here I go!  I'm just going to jump right in to reviewing my first book! 

NightShade by Andrea Cremer is a modern day Werewolf story...but don't call the characters werewolves or you will step on some toes, they prefer to be called Guardians.  

To any normal teenager (and when I say normal, I mean human) Calla Tor is a leader among her peers and someone you don't want to mess with.  In actuality, there is nothing 'normal' about her.  She has been raised her entire life knowing that she is the Female Alpha that will be gaining control of a newly formed were pack once she is of age.  Her mate and the Male Alpha is Ren, a boy Calla has grown up with and always felt tension around.  Ren's pack and Calla's pack are to merge into one once the two Alpha's are of age.  All is going as planned until Shay, a mysterious yet lonely human teenager, enters the picture. 

NightShade is a romantic and at times suspenseful tale.  When I first started reading this book I was a little confused about the world Andrea Cremer was creating:  just who are the Keepers, Searchers, and Guardians?  However, as I delved deeper into the story things became abundantly clearer.  

I loved the characters in NightShade and enjoyed seeing them develop as the story progressed.  Andrea Cremer did a fantastic job in creating a female heroine.  Calla is a strong, opinionated, and in charge female.  Honestly, the only issue I had with NightShade was the love triangle that is set up.  While I like the character of Shay, I just felt mixed emotions whenever he was in a scene with his love interest.  But I will leave YOU to judge that aspect!

Andrea Cremer's NightShade comes highly recommended from me!  Romance, alliances, mystery, suspense: NightShade has it all!  I am eagerly awaiting the July 2011 release of Wolfsbane, the 2nd book in her series. 

Happy Reading! 

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