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I Kill Me: Tales of a Jilted Hypochondriac by Tracy H. Tucker

Title: I Kill Me: Tales of a Jilted Hypochondriac
Author: Tracy H. Tucker

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published Date: July 16, 2012 

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Christine Bacon has a fatal attraction. To all things fatal. A veteran hypochondriac, her near-death experiences are exacerbated when her husband proposes they have a threesome with Eleanor, his busty British massage therapist, to "shake things up." Christine reluctantly agrees (although she is more wholesome than threesome), never expecting just how much she'd be rattled. As her marriage to Richard, a/k/a "Dick," falls apart, so, too, does Christine, whose fear of her own demise causes her to research every freckle, blemish, cough, bump, lump, tingle and hiccup. She isn't a doctor, but she plays one on the internet. There is solace for Christine: in raising daughters Lily and Carli, leaning on her friends, and wearing out the shower massager. In order to heal, she struggles to become her own person and to view her symptoms (and ex-husband) as less malignant, while searching for that special someone who will love her- despite her grave condition.

My Thoughts:
Tracy H. Tucker's I Kill Me: Tales of a Jilted Hypochondriac had me in stitches (pun intended) from the beginning until the end.  Christine is a forty-something year old high school English teacher with what seems to be a great life.  She believes she is happily married, has two great daughters, close friends, and lives in a nice home.  Chris has always been a tad quirky, believing the worst of her slightest aliment, however as her stress level is down so is her belief that she is dying. 

Chris' life is turned upside down and inside out when her husband pressures her into a threesome with his young, blonde, and foreign massage therapist.  Believing that he is going through a mid-life crisis and this is a one time thing, she finally agrees to give it a try.  However, once the designated day arrives Chris realizes that there is no way she can go through with it.  As a result, her husband bluntly tells her that he no longer wants to be with her.  Chris finds herself in a life that she never pictured, raising her two girls alone and being pestered by her mother to no end.  As Chris tries to stay somewhat sane and rebuild her life, her hypochondria rears it's ugly head.     

I Kill Me: Tales of a Jilted Hypochondriac is a hilarious read that also pulls at your heart strings.  I'm not for sure if I should admit this, but I really found myself relating to the character of Chris.  I myself am somewhat of a hypochondriac.  To me, Google is both the devil and yet addicting like the worst kind of drug.  When sickness hits, I know I shouldn't type my symptoms in, but there is such a draw to the computer that I find myself researching every illness.  I've always laughed it off, but after reading Tucker's book it opened my eyes to just what I am doing.  I would laugh at Chris thinking she has Parkinson's because of a new shake in her arm, and then instantly get embarrassed because I had looked up the disease on Mayo Clinic when I was in my twenties due to muscle twitches.  

Chris' hypochondria is like a full time job.  Every little thing is blown into a huge issue.  It wasn't until Chris started dating Gavin that she began to look into why she thought she was always going to get sick and how to stop thinking that way.  At one point Gavin said, " 'When you hear the sound of hooves in the distance, assume it's a herd of horses.'  Every time you get some symptoms, you always think in terms of an exotic cause, like it's a herd of zebras.  It's not likely that it's zebra's, Chris." (Tucker, pg 238)  This is SO true and really is a great way to explain Chris' way of thinking.    

I really enjoyed reading about Chris' relationship with her daughters, Carli and Lily.  Tucker did a good job of showing how the children were affected by their parents divorce.  The girls are angry at their father for leaving and at their mother for letting him and then feeling sorry for herself.  As Chris worked to discover just who she was as a woman her relationship with her daughters improved.  I also loved Chris' best friend, Hank, who just happened to be a Doctor.  He had a great way of calming Chris down and giving her advice about life.  

Tracy H. Tucker's I Kill Me: Tales of a Jilted Hypochondriac is a witty novel I definitely recommend.  It deals with many issues such as cheating, the affects of divorce on everyone involved, reentering the dating scene, and finding your true happiness.  Give it a try, you may find yourself addicted!  

Tracy H. Tucker

Tracy H. Tucker has provided me with a complimentary copy of her book, I Kill Me: Tales of a Jilted Hypochondriacfor the purpose of review.

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99 Authors, 99 Books, 99 Cents Event

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'The Year I Almost Drowned' Release by Shannon McCrimmon

Title: The Year I Almost Drowned

Author: Shannon McCrimmon

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published Date:  December 20, 2012

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About The Year I Almost Drowned:

In this continuation of The Summer I Learned to Dive, nineteen-year old Finley “Finn” Hemmings is living in Graceville, South Carolina with her grandparents. She's getting to know the family that she was separated from for the last sixteen years. Finn and Jesse's relationship seems to be going strong until they're forced to deal with obstacles that throw them off-track. As Finn prepares to leave for college, she has to say goodbye to the town, her friends and family, and the way of life that she has grown to love. 
At college, Finn tries to acclimate to a new setting, but quickly falls into an old pattern. Just as things start to become normal and Finn begins to fit in, something unexpected happens that takes her back to Graceville where she is forced to deal with one challenge after another. Her world nearly collapses, and she finds herself struggling to keep from drowning. Through it all, Finn discovers the power of love and friendship. She learns what it means to follow her heart and to stay true to what she wants, even if what she wants isn't what she originally planned.

About the Author:

Shannon McCrimmon was born and raised in Central Florida. She earned a Master's Degree in Counseling from Rollins College. In 2008, she moved to the upstate of South Carolina. It was the move to South Carolina that inspired her to write The Summer I Learned to Dive

When she is not writing, Shannon enjoys hiking, camping, reading, and watching movies. Shannon is a tea enthusiast and pop culture expert. She is inspired by music, art and the natural beauty of South Carolina. She lives in Greenville, South Carolina with her awesome husband and very cool toy poodle.

Shannon McCrimmon

Cover Reveal:

Check out the Cover Reveal that was posted on 12/13/12 at:

Review of The Summer I Learned to Dive:

Check out the review I posted of The Summer I Learned to Dive on 7/31/12 at:

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"An 8-track to 81 Chapters" by Robin L. Sanders w/ Guest Post featuring Robin

Title: An 8-track to 81 Chapters
Author: Robin L. Sanders

Published Date: November 7, 2012

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy

Format: eBook

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When a Social Studies teacher assigns a special project to six high school students, (Richard, Shelly, Nathan, Charles, Morgan and Britt) they receive a lesson that may indeed change lives of many worlds. As they work on the problems set before them they come to realize that the typical real world issues that each student had been dealing with doesn’t look all that bad. As the unlikely group of misfits explores the project, they discover strengths that they were completely unaware they had.  

For seven whole days they stay in a mysterious book unlocking puzzles, fighting demon-possessed statues, creating bonds with a memorable cast of characters and fighting a villain who controls the powers of the heavens. Mr. Hutchenson, a professor of social studies at St. Cardinals, is a man who plays a large part within this story, but just as the kids have to discover that, so does the reader. These six kids work on finding that strength by not only fighting the enemy, but the enemy within.

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Genre – Young Adult / Fantasy
Rating – PG13
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Guest Post:

What are the mistakes you see in beginner writers?
by Robin L Sanders

One of the beginning mistakes that we all make as writers is having the idea of writing a great story but not knowing how or where to start.  I would often have times of imagining an epic battle but haven’t a clue where to place the scene in the middle of my story.  Some people would prefer to write a story from beginning to the end, which is practical but not possible for many.  Other writers would start off by breaking their story into outlines so whenever they’re lost, they could figure out where to go next or start somewhere else then come back to the scene later.  There was one method I learned from a screenwriter about writing the scenario that you’re most passionate about and begin from there whether forward or backwards.  When I started I had this belief that if you didn’t start from the beginning then you’re not doing it right.  Truth is there is no actual rule of how to start writing a novel, you could just do it the way you feel the most comfortable.  It’s your work so do it the way you feel, do what you want to do, that’s what I learned.

Another big mistake that most writers often do is fail to develop a tough skin.  Writing is considered a literary expression in visual art; the writing industry is filled with critics that live by an established modern code.  Whenever they see something that is of the ordinary, they would either praise or insult the writer without any warning.  Some critics can be spiteful and would wake up every morning with their eyes set on any literature they disliked especially if it was a person. In other words develop the strength to accept criticism.  Constructive criticism is very important and can help sharpen and hone in on your writing skills as well as style.  Actual criticism whether good or bad could be harmful but knowing when and how to handle it could be a big step to becoming a fearless author.  Some writers developed the ability to use negative criticism as a source of fuel to produce more positive work while others are capable of weighing the differences of good and bad criticism.

Horribly written and edited work is a big mistake when publishing a book; placing commas, periods, and proper use of words into sentences without producing fragments are essential elements to having a good novel.  Even if you’ve written over a hundred thousand words in an epic novel it wouldn’t make any difference if you’ve spotted over thousands of errors.  Finding a professional editor can be hard and expensive especially if he’s a real good one.  Finding the right editor is also difficult and could take a long process if they’re real busy or accepting inbox mail from other clients.  I remember being rejected by professional editors from left to right over a years span and when I found one he wasn’t a real good one.  Later I had a friend who was a freelance English teacher who had taught English overseas and decided to edit my work with pay of course.

There can be many major set backs in the writing industry but the greatest mistake that could be ever made is to tell someone about your ideas without copyright protection.  Plagiarism is definitely a crime and is seen as literary suicide in the writing world but that doesn’t stop any money grubbing backstabber who can spot that as a business opportunity.  Working on a story while brainstorming new and creative ideas is definitely hard work.  The lands filled with characters that we created are apart of our lives, as we constantly have to live the roles of each and every one of them.  The stories that we create have an emotional connection with all of us and to have someone take that away from us is not a good feeling at all.  That is why it is very important on having your writing protected by any means as possible.  I’m not stating that it’s bad to exchange any ideas, instead keep the ideas that you want and give some of the ones you’re not interested on keeping to good use.
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Genre – Young Adult / Fantasy
Rating – PG13
More details about the book
Connect with Robin L Sanders on Facebook & Twitter

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COVER REVEAL- The Year I Almost Drowned by Shannon McCrimmon

I am very excited to be featuring the Cover Reveal of Shannon McCrimmon's book, The Year I Almost DrownedIt is the sequel to her wonderful novel, The Summer I Learned to Dive.

Title: The Year I Almost Drowned

Author: Shannon McCrimmon

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published Date:  December 20, 2012

Buy on Amazon:

Author Website:

Author Facebook:

GoodReads Link:

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Christmas Lights by Christine Pisera Naman

Title: Christmas Lights
Author: Christine Pisera Naman

Publisher: Random House/Doubleday Religion

Published Date: October 30, 2007 

Buy on Amazon: Hardcover / Kindle 


Alternately laugh-out-loud funny and poignant,
Christmas Lights celebrates the most significant aspects of the season. Small, beautifully designed, and full of festive cheer, it is the ideal gift for anyone longing to rediscover the magic of Christmas.

My Thoughts:

I chose the perfect time of year to read Christine Pisera Naman's heartwarming book, Christmas Lights.  Full of Christmas spirit and joy, Christmas Lights helped me remember the true meaning of Christmas, which does not include a million presents under the tree. Christmas Lights is a very quick read, at only 120 pages and will leave you immersed in holiday spirit when done.

Christmas Lights begins on Christmas Eve and is at first written from the point of view of Katherine, an older woman visiting her husband in a nursing home.  Each subsequent chapter is told from the viewpoint of one of Katherine and Joseph's daughters.  It is evident that Katherine and Joseph instilled Christian values into their children as each turns to God for guidance and assistance in the midst of their struggles.  

Julianna is the youngest daughter at 16 and is struggling to get the boy of her dreams to notice her, while her sister Adrianna finds herself at a crossroads in her marriage.  Cassandra is working to push through a tremendous grief as Victoria has decided she is finally ready to find 'the one,' but has she waited too long?  Finally, with her health in question, Alexandra is waiting for a sign from her dearly departed grandmother that everything will be OK, while Isabella turns a new and exciting page in her life.  Katherine and her six daughters come together at the end of the novel to remind readers what is important in life and what the true meaning of Christmas entails.   

Christine Pisera Naman did a great job having her characters embrace the magical feeling of the Christmas holiday while thanking God for what they had, and believing that He would provide what was still needed.  I defintely recommend Christmas Lights to those looking for a fast and yet warm holiday read with a happy ending.  

Christine Pisera Naman
Random House has provided me with a complimentary copy of the book, Christmas Lights, for the purpose of review.

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BOOK BLAST- Ghost Leopard by Lars Guignard

Title: Lethal Circuit
Author: Lars Guignard

Genre: Mystery & Thriller/ Technothriller

Rating: PG13 

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Author Website:

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Warning: You will not be able to let it go until you read to the very last page.

From Bestselling Amazon Author, Lars Guignard, comes the #1 turbo-charged, Techno-Spy Thriller, Lethal Circuit.

A Chinese satellite is on a crash course with Earth. It contains enough plutonium to irradiate a large city. 
And that’s the good news…

Michael Chase is a twenty-six year old backpacker, a recent college grad, an amateur. He flew to Hong Kong to find his missing father. Four hours later, he’s running for his life. The Chinese Secret Police want him dead. The Conspiracy wants him dead. And the one person who he thinks is on his side, may want him dead too. If Michael is going to live, he’ll need to find a hidden piece of Nazi technology lost since World War II. And he’ll have to do it before anyone else. Because if he doesn’t, a little plutonium is going to be the least of his problems.

Can Michael Chase team up with a beautiful but deadly MI6 agent to find a lethal piece of Nazi technology that will save the world?

If you can’t get enough of the action and suspense of Lee Child, the intrigue of Robert Ludlum, and the adventure of Clive Cussler and James Rollins, you are going to LOVE Lethal Circuit!

*Watch for the soon-to-be-released explosive sequel to Lethal Circuit - Blown Circuit. The action is about to blow sky high!

**If you were looking for a chilling paranormal mystery try Lars’, Brood. It’s a wild and frightening ride deep into the Alaskan wilderness where fish are being bred for more than their meat.

***If you’re a kid or a kid at heart, try Lars’ children’s chapter book, Ghost Leopard. Join Zoe and Zak as they journey high into the Himalayas in a magical adrenaline fueled adventure to a place few have been, and even fewer have returned to tell about it.

About the Author

Lars Guignard is a former television writer and graduate of both McGill University and the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. His work can be seen on television screens across the globe in such cult classics as Beastmaster and Big Wolf on Campus. His bestselling novel, Lethal Circuit, has been a TOP 100 Amazon Technothriller since its release.

Lars’s work has also been produced for film and published in magazines. Ever since attending high school in the Indian Himalayas, Lars has been an avid backpacker and traveler. He now makes his home in the Pacific Northwest where he is busy completing the next Michael Chase thriller for release in 2012.

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