Friday, February 6, 2015

In His Keeping by Maya Banks


Title: In His Keeping
Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Avon

Published Date: January 27, 2015

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Abandoned as a baby to a young wealthy couple and raised in a world of privilege, Arial has no hint of her past or who she belonged to. Her only link lies in the one thing that sets her apart from everyone else—telekinetic powers. Protected by her adoptive parents and hidden from the public to keep her gift secret, Ari is raised in the lap of luxury, and isolation. That is, until someone begins threatening her life.

Beau Devereaux is no stranger to the strange. As the head of Deveraux Security, he’s more than familiar with the realities of physic powers. So when a family friend approaches him about protecting his daughter, he’s more than ready to jump on board. What Beau isn’t prepared for is the extent of his attraction to his beautiful and powerful client. What began as a simple assignment, just another job, quickly turns personal as Beau discovers he’ll do anything at all to protect Ari. Even if it costs him his life.

My Thoughts:

In His Keeping, by Maya Banks, is the second novel in her Slow Burn series. This novel captivated me from the moment I started reading it. The Slow Burn books are in a different category from the kind of novel I am used to reading from Banks. Don't get me wrong, there is still plenty of steamy romance, but there are also a few added characteristics such as the books are suspenseful thrillers with psychic elements.

The series centers on the adult Devereaux children. The first book in this series is Keep Me Safe. Here we are introduced to the Devereaux family when the youngest sister, Tori, is kidnapped. Her brother Caleb seeks out psychic Ramie to help locate her. What follows is a suspenseful love story that has a happy ending after many tragic twists and turns. My review of this book can be found at:

In His Keeping picks up soon after Keep Me Safe ends.  This novel centers around Beau, another Devereaux brother, and Arial, a young woman with abnormal telekinetic powers. When her parents are kidnapped Arial has nowhere to turn and asks Beau for help.  What happens next is anything but a smooth ride. The clock is ticking as Beau's security team works to locate Arial's parents along with trying to keep her safe. This is no small deed!  However, what neither Arial nor Beau anticipated was falling in love.

In His Keeping is the most vivid and unforgettable novel I have read in a while. To say I loved it would be putting it mildly. Maya Banks was able to craftily weave a story full of romance, suspense, excitement, and a kick ass female heroine. It is not often that I get to read about a woman saving the day; however Arial is not one to be crossed. If you mess with those she loves you are done for. I loved watching Arial discover the scope and magnitude of her powers. Arial reminded me of a superhero with her powers and heart of gold. She could have easily fit in to the world of X-Men. Banks was able to write with such clarity and description that I could see every event unfolding in my mind. She painted wonderful pictures.

Maya Banks' In His Keeping is an exciting new novel that I wholeheartedly recommend. Get ready for your heart to pound, both from the steamy love scenes and the nonstop action. I am already counting down until June, when the third novel, Safe At Last, is released. If you haven't started Banks' Slow Burn series then you need to run, not walk, to your nearest bookstore or quickly grab your Kindle! You don't want to miss a second of this series!

Maya Banks
*I have been provided a complimentary copy of the book, In His Keeping, for the purpose of review.*

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Love by the Book by Melissa Pimentel

Title: Love by the Book
Author: Melissa Pimentel
Publisher: Penguin
Published Date: February 3, 2015 
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Love by the Book charts a year in the life of Lauren Cunningham, a beautiful, intelligent, and unlucky-in-love twenty-eight-year-old American. Feeling old before her time, Lauren moves to London in search of the fab single life replete with sexy Englishmen. But why can’t she convince the men she’s seeing that she really isn’t after anything more serious than seriously good sex? Determined to break the curse, Lauren turns her love life into an experiment: each month she will follow a different dating guide until she discovers the science behind being a siren. Lauren will follow The Rules, she’ll play The Game, and along the way she’ll journal her (mis)adventures and maybe even find someone worth holding on to. Witty, gritty, and very true to life, Love by the Book will have you in stitches.

My Thoughts:

Love by the Book, by Melissa Pimentel, is a story centering around unlucky in love Lauren. 
Lauren left her home, family, and significant other in America to move to London for a
job and new life adventures. She was excited about meeting new and different
men, but after some time on the dating scene she realizes that men are men, no
matter their nationality.  They either run full steam away from commitment, 
are 'scrubs,' or want to settle down way too quickly. Since Lauren just exited a 
serious relationship she isn't looking to fall in love.  She just wants a normal 
man to laugh and spend time with. However, Lauren comes to the conclusion that 
she must be doing something wrong because she is striking out at every turn.

In Love by the Book, Lauren decides to conduct a science experiment revolving around her dating life. Every month she will read a dating self-help book and apply the theory to her love life. What results is a laugh out loud account of her dating misadventures. One month 
she is demure and quiet Lauren, then she morphs into flirtatious Lauren, followed by abstinent Lauren, 
and so on. She keeps this up for 8 months and allows each book to take her on new dating adventures 
with different partners. Her mission is not to find a boyfriend and settle down, instead she is hoping to find out if any of the dating books actually work and she wants to 'have frequent sex with people of sound mental and physical health.'
I loved Lauren's relationship with her roommate, Lucy. No matter which harebrained 
scheme Lauren comes up with, Lucy is with her every step of the way, as you would 
expect your best friend to be.  Lucy is fun and free spirited and loyal to a fault. When Lauren moves to London, Lucy quickly takes her under her wings, what develops is a lasting friendship. I also enjoyed reading about Lauren and 'The Angry Bookseller.' He was always the first to disapprove and make a sarcastic remark about Lauren's monthly self-help purchase. Every time she entered his bookstore they would argue and I would like him more.
In the end, Lauren realizes that she couldn't take anymore advice from authors who 
didn't know her or her circumstances. She was exhausted from all of the dating and 
trying to be someone she wasn't. It was then that she decided her mission would be 
to focus solely on herself.  Surprisingly, when her attitude and way of thinking changed is when everything shifted. However, I will leave that twist to you readers!
Melissa Pimentel's Love by the Book is a fun and lighthearted novel that is also honest 
and touching. I definitely recommend Love by the Book to all of the Chick Lit lovers out
there! Pimentel won't disappoint and the novel will be out just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Melissa Pimentel

*I have been provided a complimentary copy of the book, Love by the Book, for the purpose of review.*