Friday, July 1, 2011

Covet by J.R. Ward

Covet, by J.R. Ward, is the first in her new series entitled The Fallen Angels.  Covet revolves around a number of people who on the outside have very little in common.  However, fate...or as is would seem someone 'up above,' has brought them together.

Covet taken place in Caldwell, NY which fans of Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series will instantly recognize.  The characters in Covet frequent many of the same places that the characters in the BDB go to.  The BDB fans will also get a little 'present' as one or two cameo's are made by characters from the BDB.  However, by no means do you have to read or be familiar with Ward's BDB series in order to read her new Fallen Angels series.  Aside from the same setting Covet is a book of it's own. 

Jim is a mysterious man of few words.  He is new to Caldwell and as fate would have it is chosen by both good and evil ... or angels and influence and save the souls of 7 different people who are caught up in the 7 deadly sins.  Each book in the Fallen Angels series will feature one of these people...hence the first novel's title, Covet.  In walks Vin, an extremely wealthy business owner with a multitude of secrets.  Jim sets out to help Vin see the errors of his ways and find true happiness that money can't buy.

Let me be clear that Covet is most definitely an ADULT novel.  Ward spins a world with romance, raw sex, violence, suspense, and adult language.  Ward does a great job in writing about social issues.  There were many times throughout the book the characters spoke about the importance of using condoms and even wearing motercylce helmets.

I feel that Ward does an excellent job in creating 3 dimensional characters that start evolving from the beginning of the story until the end. Covet was extremly entertaining, I literally could not put it down until I finished it.  I especially like how Ward writes from the male perspective, she seems to capture the ends and outs of male friendship and bonding.  Ward also does a stand out job in creating a world that readers can visualize in her Caldwell, NY.  As she describes the bars or homes I can picture exactly what each looks like in my mind. 

I highly recommend Covet to anyone who is looking for an escape from everyday life, it is a GREAT book.  Each chapter will leave you wanting more and be prepared to find many surprising twists and turns.  Kudos to Ward for creating another excellent series, I look forward to seeing the journey Jim will be take in the next The Fallen Angels book, Crave.

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