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When I Fall in Love by Clint Morey

Title: When I Fall in Love

Author: Clint Morey

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published Date: July 1, 2012

Format: Paperback & Kindle

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Synopsis from Back Cover:

Amy Prescott is just your ordinary, everyday high school senior -- beautiful, brilliant, athletic, able to pick the hunk of her choice, and a scholarship to Harvard nearly in her hands. 
Okay, maybe not so ordinary. 
Her perfectly planned future starts to unravel when she has to care for her grandparents in Montana.  As the family fights over who gets what part of the estate, Grandpa tells Amy the story of how he met his wife in Vietnam.

But Amy has more pressing concerns.  Is her boyfriend seeing someone else?  How does she put off the Montana boy who takes an interest in her?  And then there's Harvard.

Amy doesn't need any of this.  Not now.  Her life is planned.  It's a perfect plan.

At least it was.

My Thoughts:

Clint Morey's When I Fall in Love is a captivating young adult novel.  It has a healthy mixture of romance, comedy, and tenderness.  Amy, the main character, is the perfect high school student on her way to earning a spot at Harvard.  Her parents have meticulously planned out Amy's life to ensure she is accepted, from Cello lessons, to Physics tutoring, and even which sports Amy will play and dominate.  However, everything is put on hold when Amy's grandfather has a stroke. 

Amy dreads flying to Montana, where she hasn't visited in five years.  Once she gets there things are not as they once where.  Her grandmother has Alzheimer's and her grandfather is too weak to take care of her after his stroke.  After witnessing the devotion and love between her grandparents, Amy decides she will rally behind her grandfather in his attempts to keep his family together.  As Amy's bond strengthens with her grandfather, he tells her the story of how he and Lynn met and fell in love, many years before.

I really like how Morey presented Alzheimer's and how it can differently affect family members.  When I Fall in Love views the disease from many aspects.  Grandpa Robert lives for the moments when Lynn, his wife, makes a brief appearance from her own little world.  He has kept things the same in the house to help her feel more comfortable, and is always there for her.  Amy's mother, aunt, and uncle decide that things can not remain as they currently are.  Instead of being mature about matters, the siblings act more like children.  After their father has a stroke they immediately want to put their mother in a nursing home and have the estate signed over to them.  They act very selfish and it seems at times that they are looking out for only themselves and their inheritance.  Amy has not been around her grandmother since Alzheimer's took over her life.  She takes it upon her self to be there for her grandmother and grandfather.  She wants them to remain together and will sacrifice whatever is needed to see that happen. 

Clint Morey's When I Fall in Love is a very quick read at only 149 pages.  Once I started the humor and witty dialogue pulled me in.  The scenes with Amy and her boy troubles are very funny, as well as the flashbacks of Robert and Lynn in Vietnam.  I definitely recommend Clint Morey's When I Fall in Love to fans of Young Adult literature.  You will find yourself laughing and tearing up at this poignant novel.

Clint Morey has provided me with a complimentary copy of his book, When I Fall in Love, for the purpose of review. 

Clint Morey has graciously donated a copy of his novel, When I Fall in Love, for a giveaway.  This giveaway will be running from August 28th-September 9th.  Enter to win the copy on the Rafflecopter form on the above Giveaway Post.  

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