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Memories by Deanna Lynn Sletten

Title: Memories
Author: Deanna Lynn Sletten

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published Date: April 23, 2012 

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 **MEMORIES is a semifinalist in the Romance Category of The Kindle Book Review's Best Indie Books of 2012!**

Synopsis from Back Cover:

Michael DeCara came home from the Vietnam War a wounded man, both physically and emotionally. He tried putting his life back together, but found civilian life difficult after all he'd experienced in Nam. Raising his young daughter, Vanessa, by himself after his wife left, he found it difficult to commit to one job or one woman for any length of time. Then he met a young woman who made him feel good about himself again and who fell in love with Vanessa as well. But then a life-changing event occurred and he had to choose between his past and the present. He chose to leave without a word to the young woman, believing he was doing what was best for her. Now, years later, she has walked back into his life and he believes they may have a second chance at love-except she hates him and he doesn't understand why.

Danielle Westerly fell in love when she was only eighteen and her heart was broken when he left her without a word. Her heartache was increased when she made a fateful decision that would alter her future, and she blamed him for her loss. Years later, she is single and has built up a successful career when she accidentally runs into the man who was responsible for her past pain. Yet, their chemistry is undeniable. Can Dani give up her anger and let go of the pain of the past and fall in love again with the man she has hated all these years?

My Thoughts:
Deanna Lynn Sletten's Memories is a novel full of love, sadness, friendship, regret, laughter, second chances, and real life issues.  Memories begins in the present day but quickly flashes back to tell Dani and Michael's love story that took place nineteen years earlier.  Dani fell in love with an older man when she was eighteen.  Expecting happily ever after, she was devastated when Michael suddenly fled without a goodbye.  What happened next changed Dani's life forever.  

Dani was never able to get over the tragedy that occurred after Michael left and blamed him for how her life turned out.  Years later, Dani unexpectedly runs into her former lover.  While he is delighted to see her, his excitement is quickly diminished because of her icy behavior.  Determined to get to the bottom of it, Michael makes it his mission to figure out just what went wrong and why Dani holds a grudge.  Slowly, years worth of secrets, regrets, and love is brought to the forefront.  Dani must decide if she can forgive the man she has hated her entire adult life and begin a second time.

Memories deals with several sensitive subject matters.  One of which is emotional and mental affects from being a soldier in war times.  Michael was a Vietnam Veteran who never quite moved beyond that chaotic part of his life.  Decades later, Michael was still awakened with nightmares of his time in Vietnam.  Like many Veterans, Michael felt guilty for being alive when his friends perished.  He dealt with many tough emotions, including that of feeling responsible for his friends deaths and not doing enough to save them.  Luckily, Michael met a fellow vet who encouraged him to attend a Veteran's Support Group which helped him cope with pent up memories and emotions.

Memories also deals with women's reproductive issues including abortion and being unable to conceive a child.  I believe that Memories will touch a chord with many women, be it from the regret of an abortion or the pain of not being able to conceive.  Sletten does a terrific job in giving these controversial issues that women face a voice.
In Memories, Deanna Lynn Sletten skillfully wrote about a strong, professional woman.  Dani had a successful career and was an independent woman who provided for herself.  I love that Dani didn't need Michael.  She was successful without him, but felt complete with him by her side.  Too many novels make the heroine weak without her knight and shining armor there to support her.  In Memories, Dani was capable of taking care of herself.

Deanna Lynn Sletten's Memories is a wonderfully realistic and poignant story.  I recommend Memories to all romance lovers or fans of fiction.  Slatten does a great job in not only writing a love story but also of weaving a story full of decades full of secrets, old and new friendships, PTSD, tragedy, and forgiveness.  Memories is a touching story that will leave you fulfilled.

Deanna Lynn Sletten
Deanna Lynn Sletten has provided me with a complimentary copy of the book, Memories, for the purpose of review.


  1. Old follower here stopping by to read your posts! Great review, this sounds like a really good book. I may have to check it out. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! :)

    Leigh Ann
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    1. Hi Leigh Ann, thanks for stopping by! This really was a great book, I think you will enjoy it!

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hi Candace,

    Thank you so much for this beautiful review of Memories. I'm so happy you enjoyed it and I appreciate you sharing it with your readers. Have a great holiday weekend!

    1. Thank you so much Deanna! I really enjoyed reading your book!