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The Deception by Marina Martindale

Title: The Deception
Author: Marina Martindale

Publisher: Good Oak Press, LLC

Published Date: August 1, 2012

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A string of misfortunes has left photographer Carrie Daniels penniless and desperate. When her former mentor, Louise Dickenson, steps forward to offer her a job as a art model for a private commission, Carrie has no choice but to accept. Things seem to be looking up when she meets Scott Andrews, however her friends soon realize that Scott isn't who he appears to be, and Carrie's luck goes from bad to worse when Louise's photos of her fall into the wrong hands. Can Alex Montoya, a long-lost friend from her past, save her from ruin?

My Thoughts:

The Deception, by Marina Martindale, is an entertaining novel filled with romance, suspense, and surprising twists.  The Deception begins as Carrie is celebrating her 10 year anniversary with her boyfriend, Doug.  Aware of her biological clock ticking away, Carrie is more than ready to 'put a ring on it.'  However, instead of a happy anniversary, Carrie finds herself single and homeless as Doug reveals he is in love with another woman.  She quickly moves out of their shared home and takes up residence in her photography studio.

Things for Carrie steadily go from bad to worse.  With her ill mother's escalating medical bills and little money coming in, Carrie is forced to take a modeling job with an old mentor.  Uncomfortable with that fact that she has to pose nude for several private photos, the only thing that gets Carrie through the session is the promise, in ink, that her privacy will be protected.  What happens next no one could see coming.  Carrie meets Scott, whom at first seems to be on the up and up.  However, Carrie's suspensions arise that there may be another woman in Scott's life and she breaks things off after two dates.  Sadly, it is too late as Scott's wife, Maggie, finds out about Carrie and vows to not only make Carrie's life miserable, but to make her suffer.   

Throughout the novel there is the theme of 'everything happens for a reason.'  Had Carrie not posed for the risque pictures she would never have gotten involved with Scott.  This means that Maggie would have stayed out of Carrie's life, which in turn means that Carrie would not have had to hire Alex as her lawyer, who turned out to be the love of her life.

Marina Martindale did an excellent job of filling The Deception with twists, turns, and many shocking outcomes.  I was most shocked at the length Maggie went to make Carrie pay for sleeping with her husband.  She didn't focus on making Scott miserable, instead Maggie took her vendetta out on Carrie.  At first I thought she would just try to make Carrie uncomfortable, but she went FAR beyond a little revenge.  I was also surprised at the addition in Carrie's family (that's all I'm saying without giving anything away!)

I really enjoyed seeing the relationship between Carrie and Alex unfold.  From the moment he made an appearance I could tell there was a special history between the two.  Martindale did a great job in creating a relationship that began as best friends and evolved into a love story.  

The Deception, by Marina Martindale, is a great read that I definitely recommend to those who love suspense and romance!  The character of Carrie is well developed and grows tremendously from the time the novel starts until it ends.  If you are looking for a novel to keep you entertained, this is for you!          

Marina Martindale
The author has provided me with a complimentary copy of her book, The Deception, for the purpose of review.

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