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Dark Water by Jen Talty

Title: Dark Water: NY State Trooper Series Book II
Author: Jen Talty

Publisher: Cool Gus Publishing

Published Date: November 15, 2012

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Lacy DeGeorgio never imagined she'd have to be responsible for anyone but herself. She's strong, stubborn and fiercely independent. She needs no one. She's a woman determined to do things her way, on her own. But when a freak boating accident takes her sister Hannah's life, Lacy finds herself not only back in her hometown of Lake George, New York, but in a custody battle for her eleven-year-old nephew, Andy. Just when things couldn't get any worse, pesky State Trooper Frank Harmon starts showing up, tearing down all her defenses, making her want things she's never wanted before. She'll trust him with her nephew, but can she trust him with her heart? 
New York State Trooper Frank Harmon is a man of honor and duty. He's always done things by the book, believing the law always works in favor of those who uphold it. Until the day he took a domestic disturbance call at the DeGeorgio trailer, and even though he knew something bad was about to happen, he had to walk away. Two days later, he pulled Hannah DeGeorgio's body from the icy cold waters of Lake George, changing his life forever. He sets out to make sure Hannah's killer is brought to justice and in the process makes a home for a family he thought he never wanted.
My Thoughts:

Dark Water: NY State Trooper Series Book II, by Jen Talty, is a great novel featuring plenty of romance, suspense, and tender moments.  I enjoyed Dark Water from the moment it began until it ended.  Since this is the first novel I have read in the
NY State Trooper Series I was a little concerned.  I normally like to read a series in the correct order, however Dark Water is most definitely a stand alone novel.  

Dark Water centers around the characters of Lacy, Frank, and Andy.  Lacy escaped the small town she grew up in after her father was murdered.  After some bumps in the road, she began to make a great life for herself in Las Vegas.  However, her life comes crashing down around her when she receives a call that her sister was found at the bottom of a lake.  Afraid that there was foul play, Lacy rushes back to her hometown to get custody of her eleven year old nephew, Andy.  What she faces when she returns home is a cold investigation, a scarily different Andy, and her sister's estranged husband battling her for custody of a son he doesn't care for.

Lacy begins to fear that Andy knows more than he is saying regarding his mother's death as he becomes withdrawn and rebellious.  Fearing that Taylor, Andy's father, is holding something over his son's head, Lacy turns to the police where she finds no answers.  However, Sergeant Frank comes into their lives as he develops feelings for Lacy and bonds with Andy.  Frank soon realizes that he has his work cut out for him as accidents keep happening around Lacy.  Frank decides that no one is going to harm either Lacy or Andy on his watch, and whoever is trying to frame Lacy for wrongdoings around town better be prepared.       

One of my favorite parts of Talty's novel was Lacy's relationship with her nephew, Andy.  While he matured a lot since his mother's death, he was still an eleven year old boy at heart who needed someone to be in his corner and love him.  Lacy was determined to fight tooth and nail to get custody of Andy, and build a secure and happy life for him.  It was easy to see throughout Dark Water how much Lacy and Andy loved and relied upon each other.  While Andy was sullen and rebellious much of the time, Lacy knew that he was a hurting little boy who needed patience and understanding.  It was very rewarding to see where their relationship stood at the end of the novel. 

I definitely recommend Dark Water to all romance and suspense lovers!  There is also quite a mystery thrown in with many twists and turns.  Talty did a great job in creating likeable characters, witty dialogue, and a book that I couldn't put down until it was completed!  I look forward to going back and reading the first book in the NY State Trooper Series and will definitely be checking out the third book, Deadly Secrets.  Happy reading!

Jen Talty

The author has provided me with a complimentary copy of her book, Dark Water, for the purpose of review.

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