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Tropical Storm by Stefanie Graham

Title: Tropical Storm
Author: Stefanie Graham

Publisher: 2S Publishing

Published Date: August 10, 2013

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Millionaire hotelier Cairo Kane has dealt with his fair share of tropical storms on the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Not one to hide from tumultuous weather, he would rather attack it, head on. Six years ago he left his life in New York City and escaped to the beautiful island of Jamaica to apply himself to the business of making money. The former blue-collar boy was driven, fierce, and determined; there wasn't a challenge he didn't take or a tempest he couldn't tame. Before Jessica Storm no woman had the power to shatter his confidence or break his heart. Storm enthralled him, married him and then betrayed him. He loved her once. He vowed never to love anyone that much again. 

Spoiled Manhattan socialite Jessica Storm might have the perfect pedigree but she doesn't have love. She'd been a bride for a single night before her parents' treachery drove her and her new husband apart. Cairo left her behind and escaped to an island paradise to create a new life and to forget the love they had once shared. Now she wants him back, whether Cairo likes it or not, he is hers until death do they part. They made a vow. As a force of nature no man is a match for her when she is hell-bent on having her way. Her husband better prepare for bad weather. A Storm is coming.
My Thoughts:

Tropical Storm, by Stefanie Graham, is a sizzling love story revolving around the consequences of a failed marriage between two young lovers.  Rich socialite Jessica Storm fell in love with Cairo, the poor orphaned boy from 'across the tracks'.  Barely 18 years old, Storm decides to follow her heart and secretly marries Cairo.  However, with only one night of marriage under their belts Storm's parents discover her duplicity and quickly whisk their daughter away and blackmail her into an annulment.  Cairo is heartbroken and flees to Jamaica to start anew.

Six years later Storm shows up at Cairo's Jamaican hotel, with her little boy Shane trailing behind.  Begging for a second chance, Storm pulls out all of the stops to win back Cairo's love.  However, Cairo is still wounded from their quick marriage and has built tall walls up around his heart.  Storm and Shane have their work cut out for them if they want a happily ever after.  

My emotions went up and down throughout Tropical Storm. At times I found myself frustrated with Storm for not being fully honest with Cairo.  However, even with all of her secrets, I still felt for her and continued rooting for her.  I can only imagine what she had gone through as a teenager and the sacrifices she had to make to give her son the best life she could.  In Tropical Storm, Storm would be pulling at my heartstrings and then Cairo would enter the picture and withhold what she truly needed which would cause me to curse him for being so stubborn.  At other times Storm could have so easily opened up to Cairo but remained tight lipped.  It was easy to see why Cairo was so cold and withdrawn from Storm as he had been gravely hurt and was guarding his heart.  

Shane is perhaps my favorite character in Tropical Storm and is absolutely adorable.  He tries to be so mature yet he still has the heartbreaking innocence of a little boy wanting a Daddy to love him.  There were times that I wanted to reach through the pages of Tropical Storm and hug him.  I think that Storm has done a terrific job in raising him, although I did feel that she relied on the child heavily and told him too much of her plans.  

Stefanie Graham's Tropical Storm is a steamy romance novel with unforgettable characters.  Tropical Storm is a likeable fast read that does a great job in pulling readers in.  This is the perfect novel to grab and read in a hot bubble bath or in front of the fire.  Let your winter blue's drift away as you escape to Jamaica in Tropical Storm.                     

The author has provided me with a complimentary copy of her book, Tropical Storm, for the purpose of review.

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