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Giving In by Maya Banks

Title: Giving In
Author: Maya Banks

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Published Date: May 6, 2014 

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Kylie sees the way Jensen looks at her. The dark promise in his eyes. That rough edge of dominance she knows he possesses. But dominance is the one thing that frightens her above all else. She and her brother barely survived a childhood steeped in violence and abuse. She could never give up total control and submit to a man. Especially a man like Jensen. Could she?

Jensen sees the shadows in Kylie’s eyes. Knows he has to tread very carefully or risk losing any chance he has with her. All he wants is the opportunity to show her that dominance doesn’t equal pain, bondage or discipline. That emotional surrender is the most powerful of all, and that to submit fully to him will fulfill the aching void in her heart in a way nothing else ever will.

My Thoughts:

Giving In, by Maya Banks, is the second book in her Surrender Trilogy. I have been waiting to read this book since the characters of Jensen and Kylie were introduced in Banks’ first book, Letting Go. After reading Letting Go I knew that Giving In would be special and memorable.

Kylie is a tough as nails girl on the outside that takes no gruff, but soft and full of love on the inside. Because of her abusive childhood, Kylie is mentally and emotionally scarred and has erected walls around her heart. She never wants to appear weak to anyone. Kylie in no way, shape, or form wants ANY man around her. The two concessions she has ever made were for her two bosses- her deceased brother Carson and their close friend Dash. When Jensen is hired by Dash to be his partner and take over Carson's job, Kylie is livid. She automatically hates Jensen and wants nothing to do with him. His overbearing attitude scares her and as a defense she puts up an almost impenetrable icy wall.  
Jensen has battled his own personal demons and understands Kylie more than she realizes. He sees through her facade and knows there is a loving woman who needs protecting under all of her prickly armor. The more he gets to know Kylie and the harder she pushes him away, the more Jensen wants to be the man to break through to her. Will Kylie run when she realizes what Jensen is after, or give love a chance to blossom? 
I really enjoyed Maya Banks' Giving In. There were many heartbreaking scenes that left me tearing up. Because of Kylie's past, she never saw herself in a relationship. In fact, it was the last thing she wanted. Her life consisted of getting to the office early, working, seeing her best friends occasionally, and then going home to have a nightmare ridden night of sleep. When she gets a taste of what it might be like to have someone protect and cherish her, Kylie doesn't know what to think. Is it too good to be true? 
If you are looking for a romantic and heart tugging read, Maya Banks' Giving In is for you. I found it to be a fairly quick read because I couldn't put it down!  You would not need to read the first book in the Surrender Trilogy in order to enjoy Giving In. If you are looking for a good pool or beach read, grab Giving In and go!

Maya Banks
*I have been provided a complimentary copy of the book, Giving In, for the purpose of review.*

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