Friday, July 20, 2012

Spotlight on new Author Lee Ray and his book 'Bushels and Barrels'

This has been a huge week for new Author, Lee Ray.  His first book, Bushels and Barrels: Redefining the American Dream, has been released to the public.  Bushels and Barrels is a nonfiction book that deals with personal growth and happiness.  This is a great novel to check out if you are in the midst of personal challenges or need some uplifting.  Ray points readers in the direction of seeking out the blessings in your life in order to become stronger.  

I have included the Bushels and Barrels Press Release for your viewing pleasure!
The Art of Redefinition
In “Bushels and Barrels”, author Lee Ray gives readers hope and inspiration in the last place they expect: their own lives.
With everything going on in the world today, people have begun to lose touch with their own American Dream.  In his book Bushels and Barrels: Redefining the American Dream, author Lee Ray implores readers to rediscover their own version and redefine it.
Sharing his own story with readers, Lee provides a sometimes heart breaking, often eye-opening, and always inspiring example of redefinition.  Guiding those seeking to rediscover their own blessings and imploring them to remember what it once was that they considered the “American Dream”, Bushels and Barrels is a thought provoking and inspiring lesson to anyone who may have found themselves at a crossroads in life.
Throughout the pages of his book, Lee Ray presents common and easily relatable challenges, followed immediately by a chapter highlighting the blessings many people often overlook in their own lives.  In doing so, Ray encourages readers to alter their perspective on life and gain new appreciation for the many things they may have overlooked in the seemingly constant struggle to make it through today’s world, which is often full of doubt, disillusionment and despair. 

Terming challenges “barrels” and blessings “bushels”, Lee states that “we are all living the dream; sometimes we just need to change exactly what the term means”.  By changing the very definition of the phrase that all Americans are familiar with, readers will be able to thoroughly examine the positive aspects of their own lives, forgive the negative, and rediscover what it really means to be “living the dream”.
Bushels and Barrels encourages readers to take out their old dreams, dust them off and make them new again; lending a “glass half full” outlook that will stay with readers long after they’ve finished reading. 
Lee Ray
Lee Ray grew up in Salem, Virginia and is now a happily married father of two living in Dayton, Ohio. 
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