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Kat Fight by Dina Silver

Title: Kat Fight
Author: Dina Silver

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published Date: June 14, 2012 

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Synopsis from Back Cover:

Readers everywhere will revel in this sharp-witted, well-meaning whirlwind in author Dina Silver’s hilarious new novel, Kat Fight. In her quest for love, Kat makes every wrong turn, juggling two men, one best friend, and her own deeply confused heart’s desires. 

After her apathetic boyfriend, Marc, sends her call straight to voicemail one too many times, she finally gathers up enough courage to confront him.  Though she’s no fan of ultimatums, Kat is at the end of her considerable wits, and lobs a massive one his way, completely confident that he'll make the right decision when faced with losing her. He doesn't. 

With radio silence from Marc, Kat’s lifelong dream of starting a family is decidedly on the skids. That’s when her childhood friend Julie steps in, forcing Kat on a blind date to help her move beyond the break-up. But instead of charming her own date,she finds herself in hot pursuit of Julie’s love interest, Ryan Sullivan, instead.

Kat’s cheeky perspective and generous heart will leave readers adoring every moment of her journey while chuckling and cheering for the razor-sharp Kat as she fights to land the love of a lifetime.

My Thoughts:

Dina Silver's, Kat Fight, is a hilarious chick lit novel that left me wanting more.  After reading and loving Silver's first book, One Pink Line (review found HERE,) I had high hopes for Kat Fight.  Let me tell you that Silver did NOT disappoint!  As soon as I started reading Silver's Kat Fight I was sucked into the story and quickly found myself escaping reality. 

Kat Fight is about Kat, a young adult that hates to be referred to as 'cute.'  For years she has looked forward to her happily ever after with her college boyfriend, Marc.  However, when it starts to look like marriage is only something she is excited for, she gives Marc an ultimatum, which he doesn't take.  Kat realizes that she has wasted years of her life and gloomily enters the single dating pool.  Unexpectedly, Kat meets Ryan, a new co-worker.  As things begin to heat up between Kat and Ryan, Marc has a sudden change of heart.  Kat then has to make the decision to permanently toss in the towel on her relationship of years and to take a chance with a new love, or to give Marc another chance.

I quickly fell in love with all of the characters in Kat Fight.  What I most enjoyed was Kat's relationship with Adam, her gay best friend.  I believe that every scene they were in together had me in stitches due to Adam's sharp and witty tongue.  The back and forth dialogue between the two was laugh out loud funny.  I especially enjoyed reading the text messages between the bff's, it reminded me of how my best friend and I interact with each other.

Another relationship that I enjoyed reading about was Kat's and her sister, Megan.  Sadly, they each have what the other wants.  All Kat has ever wanted was to be married with a family.  Meanwhile, stay at home mom Megan is married with a baby and thought she was happy until the exhaustion and frustration kicked in.  As Megan observes the freedom Kat has being single and on the prowl, she finds herself more unhappy with her life.  Megan is also upset that she is asleep in bed by 9 each night with baby throw up on her sweatshirt while her husband maintains his pre-baby lifestyle.  I found the whole Kat/Megan relationship to be very realistic!

Dina Silver's Kat Fight is a great novel that I wholeheartedly recommend to chick lit and romance lovers.  Dina Silver's writing style and humor reminds me of an earlier Jennifer Weiner.  I hope that Silver will be around as a writer for many years to come and I look forward to reading more from her!

Dina Silver has provided me with a complimentary copy of her book, Kat Fight, for the purpose of review.

Dina Silver

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