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Blood Hunger by L.E. Wilson

Title: Blood Hunger
Author: L.E. Wilson

Publisher: Lisa Earl Wilson

Published Date: January 12, 2015

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Emma Moss still has nightmares about the horrors she and her sister saw that summer night. Her sister has not been seen or heard from since, but Emma refuses to believe that she’s truly gone, and continues to search for her. However, she’s running out of resources, and running out of ideas. So when a stranger calls out of nowhere claiming to have information for her, she doesn’t hesitate to go meet him. Nikulas Kreek is a six hundred year old vampire, and he knows a secret about the Moss girls; a secret he soon realizes that even Emma herself is unaware of. A secret that can help them both. But what he didn’t expect, was the blood hunger that would assail him upon meeting her, and the internal fight he would have to resist it. Now bound together by more than just their cause, Emma and Nik set out on a rescue mission. Will they be able to get to there in time? And will Nikulas be able to fight his instincts, and leave Emma to live her human life in peace? Or will he be bound to make her his for all eternity?
My Thoughts:

Blood Hunger, Book One in L.E. Wilson's Deathless Night Series, fits perfectly into the paranormal genre with a touch of suspense and a whole lot of romance. Emma, the female protagonist, leads a very mundane life: work, exercise, work, home late, shower, dinner, TV, bed, repeat.  Emma is all alone in the world after her sister, Keira, was brutally kidnapped in front of her seven years earlier. All Emma has left are nightmares and scars (both physical and emotional) from surviving the ordeal. Emma believes that Keira is still alive, but after seven years her trail has run cold and the police have written her disappearance off as a bear attack.  Emma knows otherwise but has run out of places to turn.  However, everything changes when Emma is contacted by a mysterious someone who says he has information about Keira's kidnapping.  Emma jumps at the chance of finding her sister and decides she will do whatever it takes to bring her back home, no matter the consequences.

That mysterious someone turns out to be Nikulas, a powerful vampire who happens to be the second in command of a Vampire colony, right behind his brother.  Seven years earlier his brother, Luukas, disappeared after going to confront an enemy vampire.  Nik believes that the disappearance of Keira is somehow connected to the vanishing of Luukas and in order to find them both he needs Emma to help.  However, working against him is the fact that Emma has no idea what he is, or what she is for that matter. 

Emmas world literally turns upside down when she meets Nik.  Not only does she learn that vampires exist, but she realizes that the monsters of her nightmares are in fact real as well.  Perhaps even more distressing to Emma is finding out that Keira is a witch, which by default makes Emma a witch too.  Emma and Nik enter into an understanding and go full steam ahead in their plan to rescue their siblings.  What neither of them expects is the strong chemistry they feel towards each other.  What follows is a suspenseful adventure full of romance, intrigue, and action.

I enjoyed Blood Hunger; it was both a quick read and a fun book to lose myself in.  I loved the spunkiness of Emma; she was an interesting female character that was both strong and brave. My second favorite character was definitely Aiden, Niks guardian.  When scenes were getting heavy all it took was a one liner from Aiden to make me chuckle.  Aiden definitely has a great sense of humor and I look forward to seeing what happens to him in the Deathless Night Series since Blood Hunger ended with his future up in the air. 

If you are a fan of the paranormal genre and love steamy romances then you definitely need to check out Blood Hunger, by L.E. Wilson.  It ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger which was just what I needed to make me crave the next novel in the Deathless Night Series, Blood Vengeance.      

L.E. Wilson
*I have been provided a complimentary copy of the book, Blood Hunger, for the purpose of review.*

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