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This is Where We Begin by Shannon McCrimmon

Title: This Is Where We Begin
Author: Shannon McCrimmon

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published Date: May 2, 2015

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In this continuation in the Hearts of Haines Series, Katie McDaniels is unemployed, pregnant, and relying on Evie and Finch for a place to live. She is trying to survive. Nothing seems to be going right for her until Preston Dobbins steps into her life and an unexpected gift comes her way, finally giving her a chance at happiness. Preston Dobbins is fighting his strong feelings for Katie McDaniels. He guards a well-kept secret, one that consumes him with guilt. As an old foe threatens Katie's happiness, Preston risks everything to save her from tragedy.
My Thoughts:

This is Where We Begin is the third novel in Shannon McCrimmon's Hearts of Haines series. The first two novels in the series, Kiss Me Hard Before You Go (my review) and Like All Things Beautiful (my review) centered around Evie, Finch and their love story. We met Katie, Evie's best friend, in the first two books as a supporting character. However, in This is Where We Begin Katie, who is towards the end of her pregnancy, takes center stage as she struggles to build a new life for herself and her unborn child.

Katie left her family home after her father, a shady man who basically runs the town, was extremely unsupportive regarding her pregnancy. After the father of her baby abandoned her, Katie knew that being a single mother would not be easy but she was determined to prove everyone in the little town of Haines that she could do it. She leaned a lot on Evie during the first two books, but in This is Where We Begin Katie has a couple of good things happen to her. Excited at the chance to give her baby the best life possible, Katie embraces her luck and moves into her own house.  Fortunately for her, ex-carny Doris also moves in with her in order to both be more independent and to help Katie.

This is Where We Begin is told from the viewpoint of both Katie and Preston. Preston is a hometown farm boy who moved away and became a Federal Drug Enforcement Administrative Agent. In the first two books it seems that Preston and Katie have a connection. He does not visit much, but when he does there is a visible spark.  In This is Where We Begin we learn much more about Preston. While he is a bit older than Katie, Preston enjoys being around Katie and feels very protective of her. When he is in town on work business or just visiting his parents, Preston finds ways to see her. Soon it is evident that their relationship has progressed into something more than friendship. While Katie is ready to embrace what they share, Preston fights it every step of the way.  It is not until later in the novel that we discover why Preston is so skittish.

This is Where We Begin has many surprising twists and turns.  From reading the first two novels in the Hearts of Haines series we know that Katies dad, Nate, is not a nice man.  However, it is not until this novel that we learn just how devious and evil he truly is.  Nate hates that his daughter is doing well without him. He controls every aspect of his familys life and knowing that Katie is prospering sends him over the edge. Nate takes things past the point of forgiveness and truly becomes immoral.   

Shannon McCrimmons This is Where We Begin wraps up the Hearts of Haines series perfectly.  We get some nice glimpses of Evie and Finchs Happily Ever After, and we are able to fall for a new couple.  If you havent picked up this series you really are missing out.  It is unique and well written, with very relatable characters.  Definitely one to put on your To Be Read list- it is well worth it!!!

Shannon McCrimmon

*I have been provided a complimentary copy of the book, This Is Where We Begin, for the purpose of review.*

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