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Sweet Muse by Ava Cummings

Title: Sweet Muse
Author: Ava Cummings

Publisher: Merrimack Media

Published Date: January 22, 2015

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Determined to overcome her difficult past, Anna Starr lands a coveted job at the nation's biggest celebrity magazine in the center of the New York City power scene. She learns early on to make it on her own, and through sheer force of will she does. But frustration sets in when the dark side of tabloid journalism starts to poke through, and she gets duped while dating slicker-than-thou city boys.   Amidst a sea of cocktail parties, Anna meets rising art star Damien Wolfe. Their connection is dangerous, intense, and passionate beyond her imagination. He sees her in a way that she has never seen herself, setting her on a journey toward self-discovery-understanding what it means to be truly loved for the first time in her life. But she may lose it all when her blind ambition and his dark past lead to a crisis that changes everything
My Thoughts:

Sweet Muse, by Ava Cummings, is a modern day chick lit with a whole lot of sizzling romance. Anna Starr left her small hometown in order to follow her dream of making it as journalist in New York City. When Anna gets scared or feels like she needs advice, all she has to do is picture what her aunt would say to her.  Ever since Anna was a little girl she has looked up to her aunt, who was a journalist in a well-respected New York magazine. Anna knows that she will have to work her way to the top so she eagerly accepts a job at Celeb, a celebrity magazine that has recently started becoming more Perez Hilton than People. The juicer the story means the more magazines sold and Anna soon learns that Celeb draws no lines when publishing tabloid gossip.  In order to flourish at her job Anna has to eat or be eaten. Will Anna be able to make a difference with her writing or will the glamour of celebrity parties and rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood elite taint her?    

While pondering her life goals and trying to get over her insecurities, Anna is also adjusting to the city life. She finds herself thrust into an environment that is both foreign and addictive to her. Annas ability to trust men was ruined by her father walking out on her mother long ago.  This has deeply impacted Anna's psyche and relationships.  Unfortunately, Anna is quickly finding that the dating scene in New York isn't helping her get past her trust issues. Man after man continues to disappoint her, until she meets a mysterious guy who makes her question all she previously believed. Is their strong connection merely a coincidence or is there really something there between them?

I really enjoyed reading the different New York nightlife scenes.  Being a small town girl myself, going out on the town here is catching the latest movie.  Cummings really paints a detailed picture of big city life and celebrity parties in Sweet Muse. In particular, Cummings does a superb job of writing about the various New York City restaurants.  I could easily picture the atmosphere and smell the aromas she described.    

Sweet Muse is a fun and lighthearted book that leaves you with a smile on your face. I found myself rooting for Anna and hoping she would not only find love but see her dream of being a legit journalist come true.  Ava Cummings has a winner in Sweet Muse!  If you are looking for a new read to take to the pool or beach, this chick lit novel is for you!
Ava Cummings
*I have been provided a complimentary copy of the book, Sweet Muse, for the purpose of review.*


  1. I love chick-lit and this one sounds perfect!
    I'm from a small quite place too and the New York style life sounds intriguing and fascinating.
    Thanks for such a lovely review

    Ruty @Reading...Dreaming

  2. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.