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Andrea at the Center by J.P. Kansas

Title: Andrea at the Center
Author: J.P. Kansas

Pink Flamingo Publications

Published Date: February 8, 2013 (Revised Print)

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Young and beautiful Andrea is, without warning, whisked away to a secret location, where a mysterious group devotes itself to the pursuit of sexual enlightenment through the use of many sensual techniques. Gradually, she's introduced to the ways of the Center by the people that gladly occupy it. Her sense of self and her understanding of sexuality are profoundly challenged, leading her to a new understanding of herself and the deepest sexual satisfaction.
My Thoughts:

J.P. Kansas' novel, Andrea at the Center, is definitely not for the faint of heart as it is classified in the erotica genre.  In the novel Andrea is kidnapped while jogging.  When she awakes she finds herself in a castle like place with many other people, both male and female.  She soon learns that some of the people are there voluntarily while others were taken like herself.  Confused and scared, Andrea is told that she will not be harmed and will be returned to her normal life once she lets herself 'become what you are.'   

The Center is a place for various types of sexual exploration.  The people there are given jobs where they earn money and then can purchase commodities while on their sexual journey.  Deciding that she will go along with everything until she can escape or is allowed to go back home, Andrea starts to open herself up to the teachings of the Center.  Here she meets all kinds of people, both that she likes and is fearful of.    

Kansas quickly delves into the world of erotica.  Kansas has included in her novel pretty much every type of eroticism there is.  Fetishism, multiple partners, BDSM, LBGT and much more.  The novel was very eye-opening for me and I was 'squinting' at many scenes.  Please be aware that Andrea at the Center is not an erotic romance novel, so if you are looking for a lovey-dovey romance this is definitely not for you.  Instead, Andrea is on a journey of self-discovery and awakening, both sexual and personal.

If you enjoy the erotica genre then I definitely challenge you to read J.P. Kansas' Andrea at the Center.  In it you will find yourself going along with Andrea on her journey.  Be ready for some very eye opening and graphic scenes!  

The author has provided me a complimentary copy of her book, Andrea at the Center, for the purpose of review.

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