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The Great Divide by Janet Goss

Title: The Great Divide
Author: Janet Goss

Publisher: Penguin
(NAL Trade)

Published Date: July 2, 2013

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For the past ten years, Vera Van Loon has been beating the city heat at her friend’s idyllic lakeside guest cabin. There, she’s Aunt Loony to Kit Garrett’s teenagers, a kayaker instead of a straphanger—and a million miles away from the complications of “real” life in Manhattan.

If only she didn’t have to alternate weekends with one of the Garretts’ relatives, everything would be perfect—until she discovers the truth: “Uncle” Cyrus is hardly the man she thought he was. He’s just her type, wildly appealing—and a worthy Scrabble opponent. All of a sudden, everything is perfect…until Labor Day. Because Cyrus prefers the rural life, and Vera could never give up New York.

Back in town, a chance encounter with a seductive local convinces her she’s where she belongs—but Cyrus has other ideas. With choices, and crises, coming from all directions, it’s time for Vera to make a life-or-life decision that will be anything but a day at the beach.

My Thoughts:

The Great Divide, by Janet Goss, is an exceptionally written contemporary chick lit novel.  The Great Divide is definitely a 'win' in my eyes!  Goss' novel centers around Vera, a calligrapher and artist in Manhattan who makes a living writing calligraphy on wedding envelopes, place cards, and other materials for high maintenance New York Socialites.  Vera is also single and has no plans of ever having children; being around her best friend Izzy's little boy is more than enough for her.  

Every summer weekend for the last decade Vera has driven out to the Poconos to be with her June-September best friend, Kit, and her family.  However, Vera is informed that this summer things will be different.  She is very unhappy that she has to split weekends at the lake with Cyrus, the best friend of Kit's hubby.  After being clued in by Kit's children, Vera realizes that 'Uncle' Cyrus just might be her soul mate, or at least be a fun summer fling.  Against Kit's wishes, Vera and Cyrus finally meet and sparks fly.  Excited for the possibility of the best summer of her life, Vera happily leaves her regular life every Friday that is composed of a family mystery that she just might be blowing out of proportion, crazy neighbors, and her September-June BFF Izzy.

Some of my favorite parts of The Great Divide had to do with Vera and Cyrus' interactions with the lake teenagers.  In the book, Goss describes Uncle Cyrus and Aunt 'Loony' as America's aunt and uncle.  They are most definitely the 'cool' adults and gladly embrace that role.  Between evening beer pong and middle of the night escapades with a rouge bear, their time in the Poconos is never dull and full of memories.

While much of The Great Divide focuses on Vera's weekends at the lake, her 'normal' life in Manhattan is also in the spotlight and progressing forward.  Vera recently moved into a coveted apartment that her father turned over to her. Here her busy life gets busier as she finds her weekdays filled with new people and situations.  Taking the problem son of her building's board president under her wings, Vera's evenings are filled unexpectedly with pot smoke, impromptu ballet recitals, and movie making.

Janet Goss' The Great Divide is a fun read that will leave you smiling both in shock and happiness.  I really enjoyed witnessing the personal journey Vera took from when the book first began until it ended.  The Great Divide is the perfect beach read, nothing too deep yet extremely entertaining!  Definitely a book that I will recommend to friends!        

Janet Goss
The publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of the book, The Great Divide, for the purpose of review.

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