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Inside Out Trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones (If I Were You, Being Me, & Revealing Us)

Title: The Inside Out Trilogy:
                If I Were You
                Being Me
                Revealing Us
Author: Lisa Renee Jones

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The Inside Out Trilogy, by Lisa Renee Jones, consists of the novels If I Were You, Being Me, and Revealing Us.  The trilogy reminded me in a way of Sylvia Day's Crossfire Series and the Fifty Shades Trilogy by EL James.  There is a little BDSM involved as well as graphic sexual scenes.  However, I feel that Jones' trilogy should not just be categorized in the erotic romance genre.  It could also be placed in the mystery/suspense category which easily makes it stand out from among it's peers.  The story being told is fresh and new, with surprises around every corner. 

Lisa Renee Jones is no stranger to writing books and her well written trilogy proves that.  After publishing over 30 novels, Jones is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.  In an exciting development for her and lovers of the Inside Out Trilogy, the STARZ Network has optioned Jones' trilogy to be made into a television series.

The Inside Out Trilogy revolves around Sara, a high school English teacher whose real passion is Art.  Out of the blue Ella, her best friend, runs off to Paris to elope as summer vacation starts.  Ella leaves Sara with a key to a storage unit she bought to flip that needs cleaned out before the summer is over.  The unit is not only filled with beautiful paintings, but Sara also finds herself drawn to the owner's personal journals.  Sara is stunned that Rebecca, the owner, would leave such priceless artwork and personal mementos to be sold to the highest bidder.  

Sara quickly immerses herself into the life of Rebecca and finds herself captivated by the sexual secrets found in the journals.  After reading about Rebecca's thoughts, feelings, and sexual escapades, Sara has a sinking feeling that something horrible has happened to the young woman.  Putting her detective hat on leads Sara to Allure Gallery, a premier art gallery that Rebecca last worked at.  With the sole purpose of finding Rebecca and giving her a chance to claim her personal effects, Sara goes to Allure.  However, what Sara doesn't realize is that by entering Allure, her safe and predictable world will never be the same.

After speaking to Rebecca's former boss, Mark, Sara is shocked when he offers her Rebecca's position at Allure.  There is something about Mark that makes Sara wonder if he is the man in Rebecca's journals.  Jumping at the chance to be around art during her summer break and hoping to find clues of Rebecca's whereabouts, Sara accepts the job.  Sara soon meets and falls for renowned artist Chris Merit, a dark and dangerous man full of secrets.  If I Were You, Being Me, and Revealing Us revolves around both the tumultuous relationship Sara and Chris embark upon and several mysteries that come to light.

I really enjoyed Lisa Renee Jones' Inside Out Trilogy.  It is well written with authentic three dimensional characters.  Chris and Sara's relationship was addicting to me and full of romance, passion, and angst.  I quickly finished each book to find out what the next novel would bring for these two dark and secretive lovers.  I also loved the various mysteries throughout the three novels.  The mysteries keep on coming, from Rebecca's disappearance and secret lover, to Chris and Sara's complicated past, and also Ella's elopement and then vanishment.  Jones' definitely kept me guessing and the suspense never went away, all of the way to the last page!     
I without a doubt recommend Lisa Renee Jones' If I Were You, Being Me, and Revealing Us.  I was lucky enough to get an Advanced Readers Copy of Revealing Us; the actual book will be released on September 10th.  If you love romance or mystery this trilogy is most definitely for you, don't miss out on the love story of Chris and Sara.  I look forward to seeing their romance come to life on the STARZ network!        

Lisa Renee Jones

I have been provided a complimentary copy of The Inside Out Trilogy for the purpose of review.

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  1. Tho I hated Fifty Shades, I love Lisa Renee & I can't wait to read this series! Nice Review btw! :)